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database - Row 'Flag' in ost_user_email


i'm not sur to be in the good category, but i don't see "information" category...

i'have seen the row "flag" in database on table 'ost_user_email'.

 Some one can tell me his utility ?

Thank you


  • No idea what it is.  It is set to 0 on all 520 of my users though.
    I may have something to do with if they haven't confirmed their email address, or it may be for a forthcoming feature.
  • i'have verify for e-mail verification but is not that ! :)

  • Then i think that leaves three possibilities:
    • it may have been used in a previous version and was never removed from the DB
    • it may be there for a forthcoming feature
    • it's used for something that the dev I talked to doesn't know about.
  • I can't see anything that references it in the code.
  • thank you all for your reply ! :)
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