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modification on user clearing information ost_mail__cdata


when i import user data from mysql request, when i go on user to modify it, in the table ost_mail__cdata the row with the user information is clearing... an in the form on interface the fields are empty... at the end, i have lost all information present in table not very pratical.



  • How are you importing?
  • edited September 2017
    As far as I know the _cdata-tables are not normal tables. They are materialized views.
    osTicket drops and recreates this tables regularly. When you import things in those tables those changes get lost.

    The data in this materialized views is coming in fact from some other tables.
    I guess you have to evaluate where the data is coming from and update this "source" tables in order to avoiding data loss.

    By the way, there is no table called os_mail_cdata in the original osticket. I know only ost_user__cdata, ost_organization__cdata, ost_ticket__cdata and ost_task__cdata.
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