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Ticket (One department) -> Task Another Department


I have problem and I need help resolving it.

The case is this, one user can create a ticket, for example: prepare the room for a new show.
When an agent opens the ticket it will create one task for the "cleaning team" and another task for the "maintenance team", these teams have their own department ("Cleaning" and "Maintenance").
The problem is I don't want the agents from "Cleaning" and "Maintenance" departments to view any other tickets or task, unless is to them.

My setup is:
Helpdesk -> can do anything in every department
Cleaning -> Access only to their department
Maintenance -> Access only to their department

The ticket created is form "Shows" department.

So we have

Ticket (Shows department) -> Creates Tasks to: Maintenance and Cleaning departments

But no one in "Maintenance" or "Cleaning" Can close the tasks giving always error: 404 (Unknown ticket)
If I put the Maintenance or Cleaning members in the "Shows" Department they can close the tasks, but they will also be able to view Shows tickets.
If I restrict "only view assigned tickets", they don't see all the tickets assigned to the department, but just their tickets.

Can any one help me out with this.


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