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How to change the option in the notification status

I have a problem with changing the option in the notification status. I want to remove the option for Closed status: "Allow re-opening requests by end users". Unfortunately I can not do this - the system saves change endless ..


I also created a new Closed status - but I can not remove or disable the default system status.

osTicket: 1.10, php: 7.1.8, MySQL: 5.7.19
, Apache 2.4.6

I will be grateful for your help


  • Are you getting any error messages? There might be a few patches for php 7 that help, most will tell you to just downgrade to 5.6.
  • Hi,
    I have no error messages. I can not change the PHP version on this server either. Can I change these statuses in a database? Where to find it?

    I have installed osTicket in the second company, using php 7 and this option works fine. The only difference is that there was an update from 1.9 to 1.10.
  • Hmm, I'd be concerned that something is wrong, but yes, you can edit the JSON that defines the status in the PREFIX_ticket_status table. Don't change the structure of the string, but changing a false to a true shouldn't break it.
    This is what mine looks like:
    {"allowreopen":true,"reopenstatus":0,"description":"Closed tickets. Tickets will still be accessible on client and staff panels."}
  • This
    "php: 7.1.8"
    is not a supported version of PHP at this time.  I would downgrade to 7.0.x
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