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repercussions in adding column in table

I want agents to add their time spent on a ticket.  I have looked through previous threads on how to alter the code but I'm thinking about going a different route.  I'm really hesitant in altering the existing code with fear that I may inadvertently cause problems with other pages.

I think I will add a new column in os_ticket table (looks like the best one thus far) and then I will create new views or php webpages.  The webpages will then display ticket number, agent and this new time field.

What do you guys think?


  • I think that you dont need to add a column to the database or edit the code to do this, and just need to add a custom field to the form at Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> ticket details
  • edited September 2017
    ntozier, I tried this and saw that the ost_ticket_cdata now has the new time column.  Will any of the existing php webpages display this new field, specifically the webpage that agent enters new note tickets.php?  If not, I'm okay in creating new webpage with new field.

    Also, will this new field roll over to next upgrade? Or will I have to manually add the field to new update?
  • I found that the new field is displayed only on the ticket edit webpage.  My agents do not have access to the ticket edit webpage.  Is there a way to display the new field in the tickets.php webpage?
  • The field is in the ticket... so when you look at the ticket it's there.
  • ntozier, I see the field only when the ticket is edited (see attached images).  What should I do to get the time to display on tickets.php?
  • It's empty.  There is nothing for it to display, so it doesn't display it.
    Add a value to it, and it will be displayed.
  • ntozier, yes that worked.

    Is there anyway to allow agents to enter the info without giving agent access to edit the ticket?  i.e, I want the time field entry on the tickets.php page (same page agent can post internal note).
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