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what is considered Ticket Update?


what is considered Ticket Update in way to have that ticket first (or last) on the list when sorted? I see that posting internal note or changing ticket status is not. 
Even when I edit ticket (by adding internal note or changing ticket information) does not change anything. I see those actions within ticket and it even says that it is updated. For example:

"Updated by AvatarIda K 09/12/17 15:48:23 — Client name set to New client name"

or when looking to a posted note (in Edit) in Ticket - after my name, date and time of note - there is "Ticket Updated" text.



  • Written threads updates by an Agent.
  • idaida
    edited September 2017
    It seems I have same issue as this one asshes00 describes:
    I attach screenshots for better understanding of my issue:

    Image 1 - there is new internal note written by the agent in ticket 46 thread on 13.09.2017. at 12:14
    Image 2 - ticket 46 is still in the middle of the list and having wrong date/time shown (this is create date and time)
    Image 3 - I try posting a replay on 13.09. at 12:20 to see if anything changes (this results with ticket 46 movement to Answered tickets)
    Image 4 - ticket 46 has wrong date/time listed (again, create date is listed)
    Image 5 - only when sort tickets "Most recently answered" do I get this ticket on the top of the list with date and time when the replay was posted.

    Regarding your answer - I tried posting internal notes as it is written thread, changing status (OK this is not written thread) without posting a replay does not result with correct update date/time.

    Can you please comment?

    Thank you for your time and help.

  • internal notes are Post internal notes and are not updates.

    I have no idea what you are trying to tell me with the rest of these screen shots.
  • Hi,

    let me try once again. Sorry if I write unclearly.

    image 1 - ticket #0046 is created on 12.09.2017. and internal note posted on 13.09. - ok, I have learned that posting internal note is not considered an update, so it will not change its position in image 2. I will pass to image 3.
    image 3 - same ticket has replay posted on 13.09.2017. at 12:20
    image 4 - in column "ticket updated", creation date and time are listed (12.09.2017.) although I have posted a replay on 13.09. at 12:20;
    image 5 - when sorting tickets as "most recently answered" I get correct list with the ticket that has most recent replay posted on top of it. 

    Is posting a replay considered as ticket update? Obviously it is unclear to me what is written thread by an agent.

    Kind regards

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