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Cron not creating ticket from e-mail

Hi there,

I am having an issue with creating a ticket from e-mail.
Everything in the e-mail config seems configured properly but when I run the cron file from CLI I get the following error:

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: List indices should be integers in /var/www/html/osticket/include/class.util.php:149
Stack trace:
#0 /var/www/html/osticket/include/class.forms.php(81): ListObject->offsetExists('name')
#1 /var/www/html/osticket/include/class.ticket.php(3004): Form->getField('name')
#2 /var/www/html/osticket/include/class.ticket.php(3182): Ticket::filterTicketData('Email', Array, Array, NULL)
#3 /var/www/html/osticket/include/class.mailfetch.php(796): Ticket::create(Array, Array, 'Email')
#4 /var/www/html/osticket/include/class.mailfetch.php(845): MailFetcher->createTicket(3)
#5 /var/www/html/osticket/include/class.mailfetch.php(925): MailFetcher->fetchEmails()
#6 /var/www/html/osticket/include/class.cron.php(25): MailFetcher::run()
#7 /var/www/html/osticket/include/class.cron.php(100): Cron::MailFetcher()
#8 /var/www/html/osticket/include/api.cron.php(19): Cron::run()
#9 /var/www/html/osticket/include/api.cron.php(40): CronApiController->run()
#10 /var/www/html/osticket/api/cron.php(23): Lo in /var/www/html/osticket/include/class.util.php on line 149

I have searched through the forums and the Github issues and cannot find any information other than older information around language packs. 
I don't have any language packs installed besides the default en_US.

Below is my environment information:
osTicket 1.10
PHP 7.0.22
Ubuntu16.04 LTS
MySQL 5.7.19

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Weird, have you edited any of the forms? Like, one with a field called Name?
  • It looks like somebody did update the contact information form and added fields while removing the 'Name' field and customising others.
    I have re-added the name field.
    I am not sure if this is relevant, but my change seems to have completely removed the table 'ost_user__cdata' table from the database - Hopefully this doesn't cause other issues.

    The e-mail ticket creation is working now 
    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  • No worries mate, it was in the stack trace you posted. :-)
  • The ost_user__cdata table is a temporary table the system should regenerate it when it needs to.
  • I have tested extensively and all is woking well.
    Thankagain Grizly for the help and thanks ntozier for the info to put my mind at ease.
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