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Lookup a user using Name doesn't work

Hi everybody,

I encountered a strange behavior in my osTicket installation, when I try to open a ticket and try to look up a user by the first given name it does not return any users.
Example, when I try to look up using:
- Hannes -> doesn't work
- Hannes. -> works
- annes -> works
- surname -> works

All users authenticate against AD

Does anyone has an idea what might be the issue?


osTicket installation Info:


  • I am unable to replicate your issue.
  • I did some further investigation and I think it has to do with AD users in osTicket.

    If I create users, which are not in AD and don’t share the same first given name as anyone else in AD (search does work):

    - John Smith

    - Jen Johnson

    - David Miller


    If I create users, which are not in AD but have the same first given name as someone else in AD search does not work:

    - Andreas Lopez

    - Franz Clark

    - Markus Moore


    *If I start searching for their first given name + surname it works.


    And as before search for AD users does not work

    - Andreas ***

    - Franz ***

    - Markus ***

    *Works only if I cut the first letter of the given name, by adding a . at the end of the given name or by surname

  • Does anyone have the same problem? 
  • @ntozier Thanks so much, this solved it. 
  • Very welcome.
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