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YouTube Embed will Not Go Full Screen

Is there a specific reason that the `allowfullscreen` option is not included in the YouTube iframe for embedding videos? If so, is it for UX or something functionality on the development end?

Why I ask is that most of the videos I'm placing in my knowledgebase are screen recordings. So the size of the video is too small in many cases. I'd like to keep users on the knowledgebase pages instead of having them go to YouTube.

Thank you :-)


  • edited September 2017

    No. There was no specific reason, it just got left out of the formatter I guess :(
    I'll be making a pull request shortly to fix it. It will only fix videos embedded after the pull is applied. If you want fullscreen to be on all old videos you'd have to edit each one in the DB and do the following:

    Say the iframe is: 
    <iframe style="width:500px;height:281px" src="//" frameborder="0"></iframe>
    Change it to:
    <iframe style="width:500px;height:281px" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Basically, you're going to add 'allowfullscreen' to the end of each beginning iframe tag.

    I'll post the pull request link once I've pushed it.

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    Thanks for the reply. I was going thinking of submitting a pull request as well but figured I'd ask around in case there was some obvious thing I wasn't aware of... I haven't really looked at the code much for OS Ticket yet. :-)

    Thanks for the tip on updating the DB... out of curiosity, which branch can random people submit pull requests to on Github? Is it `develop`?
  • Yes. Develop is always the one to make pull requests to. :)
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