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Knaowledge Base Articel export...

Is there a solution to export the KB-entries ? 


  • You can export it via the database: SELECT * FROM `%prefix%_faq`
  • i which format ? 

    I need csv etc..
  • In most cases it'll be a sql output table, so no file.
    The tool you use to execute the query will determine if you can then save the output to a file
  • edited September 2017
    I'm not aware that the gui of osTicket has a export function for this section.
    The only way seems to be using a database query like Micke1101 suggested.

    The free mySQL Workbench Community Edition is able to export this to a csv file, phpMyAdmin seems also capable. You can use one of this gui tools if you don't want to use the MySQL Command-Line Tool..

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