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set value of custom form field on ticket create (plugin)

osTicket Version v1.10 (901e5ea) —  Up to date
Web Server Software Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips PHP/5.6.31
MySQL Version 5.5.52
PHP Version 5.6.31

I am trying to create a plugin which submits new ticket details to another API and get an Id in return. I have a custom field in the ticket details form where I would like to store this Id.
So far I got everything working except I am unable to set the value of the custom field. It seems that I have to do this somehow via forms and DynamicFormField but I couldn't find an example and getting nowhere with just trial and error.

I am using the Signal "ticket.created".

thanks in advance


  • I wouldn't create a plugin to do this.  I would setup a standalone script (think email form that uses the API to open a ticket) that grabed the value from the other DB and included it in the ticket open.
  • thanks for the fast response. The section did help indeed and I have it kind of working now.
    It seems that by setting it via form I have to also set all the other custom fields (subject, priority, message) or otherwise they will be empty.

    So this is how I did it in case someone wants to know:

    $form = TicketForm::getNewInstance();
    $form->setAnswer('subject', $ticket->getSubject());
    $form->setAnswer('priority', $ticket->getPriorityId());
    $form->setAnswer('customid', $custom_id);

    Not sure on what to put into the message field though as nothing seems to be missing. $ticket->getLastMessage()?

    Also I am not sure if this will not just create another entry in the database instead of changing the one that already exists

    I thought of this but since there was already a plugin available which almost did the same thing I thought this would be the easiest way.
  • My posted solution does create a new entry in the database. So after some more trial and error I was able to get the already created entry and update only the custom field.

    $forms = DynamicFormEntry::forTicket($ticket->getId());
    if (count($forms) == 1) {
    $form = $forms->first();
    $form->setAnswer('customid', $custom_id);
  • Cheers for that update mate.
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