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"Access denied" error when checking ticket status + unable to create customer account.

Hello, I'm very new to using OSTicket and I'm not sure if I messed with the wrong settings or if there's something in the settings that I missed but I'm having two main issues right now:

1, When I create a ticket as a customer and then try checking the status I get this error:


These are my current authentication settings:


And 2, When I go to the "register for an account" page as a customer there is no box to input my email address.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  • My guess is that the errors are connected with each other, if the email field is not available then it won't be able to verify that the email entered is correctly associated with the ticket.

    If you go under Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Contact Information
    What do you have there?
  • It says that the email address input is enabled and visible to agents and users.

    Is it not possible to allow people to check tickets using the number without signing up? I assumed since it says "Have an account with us?" on the side that it was implying it was optional to sign up, and that the email input box above the ticket number input box would email you with the number or something.

    Is there a way to make it so customers can input an email and a ticket number and receive updates but not log in? (Or just check the ticket status using the number.)
  • Sounds weird, could you provide your enviroment details?
    Webserver? version?
    php version?
    database engine? version?

    Yes that is possible and i tested it with the settings that you showed in your images and it was working for me.
  • I figured out the main issues, I was doing something stupid and didn't notice.

    So the process for someone who doesn't sign up is: they put in an email address and fill out a support form, then it gives them a ticket number. Then, they put in the email they used + the ticket number to check it. Is it possible to have it email them the ticket number when they put their email in the first time?

    I'm just picturing most people losing track of the ticket number and not thinking it's important to save it until they get impatient and don't know how to check the status.
  • Never mind, figured that out too.

    Thank you very much for responding, regardless!
  • Should I mark this as resolved and close the thread?
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