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can't find tasks template

I cant find the tasks templates and canned Tasks section. 

I use version 1.10 on centos with apache (latest)


  • The task templates are on the same page as the ticket templates.

    My understanding is that the canned task feature isn't released yet.
  • Task Templates: Admin Panel -> Email -> Templates -> choose your template set -> scroll to the end.
    Canned Responses: Agent Panel -> Knowledgebase -> Canned Responses.

    If you are looking in the database directly you can find them in the ost_email_template and ost_canned_response tables.

  • i mean not the email responses . 

    my goal is when someone open a ticket with a specific help topic , that osTicket automatically generat a task who is assigned to that ticket. 

  • I dont think that you can do that.  Can I ask why would you generate a task instead of just assigning the ticket to someone?
  • because the assigned Task will become a seperate person at the controlling department.
    But this person cant solve the ticket itself .

    In the actual Sugar workflow , it is possible
  • edited January 31
    I would agree. It would be extremely helpful to have the ability to choose a help topic that is setup to assign a specific a task list. Will give you an example. 

    We are using it for new employees. We are rather spread out agency, have numerous different systems / departments. (Human Resources, IT, EMR/EHR Support, Billing, Business Services / Facility) 

    When HR & Supervisor decide to hire someone a "New Employee" ticket is entered in the system. 

    This ticket is assigned to a group / team that is notified. the Tasks are created as tasks under the ticket, These teams and groups all have different responsibilities. Here's a brief overview....

    IT - Network, Security, Account Creations, email etc....
    EMR / EHR (Electronic Medical Record) - Account Creations, Specific setup in EHR, Etc....
    Billing - Start Enrollment process with insurance companies, Medicaid, Etc.....
    Facilities / Business Services - Office Space, Keys, Cars, etc...

    If a new employee ticket was entered, it could then create a list of IT related tasks and assign them to the IT Group and so on for each department. 

    Each department could complete there part, once the departments have finished each section the ticket then can be closed and completed. 

    I have not found a way to do the above, If you have insight. please let me know! 


  • This function would be very helpful. pmwolfemac gives the perfect scenario for use case.
    Please let us know if this is possible. Thank you!
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