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[resolved] Assigned Agent on Ticket Thread

edited September 2017 in Mods and Customizations

I'm using v.1.10, may I know if its possible to show on the ticket thread to whom Agent the ticket is assigned?.
This is for the User view.


  • Hi,

    Is there anybody know how to do this?. thanks.
  • %{ticket.assigned} Assigned staff and/or team

    The full list is available here:
  • Hi,

    Sorry but still I can't understand how to do this.

    What I'm trying to do if possible is to display on the ticket thread when the Admin assigned the ticket to specific Agent (please see image1). Currently this is not showing on the Users ticket thread (see image2).

  • Apologies mate, I thought you were trying to add it to the email template.

    Possibly the easiest way is to add it to the ticket metadata at the header of the ticket view, ie, open /include/client/

    Find . 
                        <th><?php echo __('Create Date');?>:</th>
                        <td><?php echo Format::datetime($ticket->getCreateDate()); ?></td>

    Add after:
                    <th><?php echo __('Assigned to');?>:</th>
                    <td><?php echo Format::htmlchars($ticket->getAssignee());?></td>
  • Hi, 

    I added the code but nothing happens.
  • It affects the user view, agents can already see who is assigned. Just make a ticket for yourself and check the top of the thread, you'll see the name at the top if someone is assigned.
  • Got it!, thank you for your help.
  • Shall I mark this thread as resolved and close it?
  • yes please. thanks
This discussion has been closed.