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can't find tasks template

I cant find the tasks templates and canned Tasks section. 

I use version 1.10 on centos with apache (latest)


  • The task templates are on the same page as the ticket templates.

    My understanding is that the canned task feature isn't released yet.
  • Task Templates: Admin Panel -> Email -> Templates -> choose your template set -> scroll to the end.
    Canned Responses: Agent Panel -> Knowledgebase -> Canned Responses.

    If you are looking in the database directly you can find them in the ost_email_template and ost_canned_response tables.

  • i mean not the email responses . 

    my goal is when someone open a ticket with a specific help topic , that osTicket automatically generat a task who is assigned to that ticket. 

  • I dont think that you can do that.  Can I ask why would you generate a task instead of just assigning the ticket to someone?
  • because the assigned Task will become a seperate person at the controlling department.
    But this person cant solve the ticket itself .

    In the actual Sugar workflow , it is possible
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