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Deleted Tickets Come Back

I've noticed a strange problem that just appeared about a week ago.

Every time I delete a ticket, it comes back a few minutes later.  

Anybody have ideas on why this would happen?  I've ran OSTicket for over a year and this just started happening.

OSTicket version 1.10



  • Well, not sure why this worked, but I had a ton of emails that I simply moved and archived.  Maybe was just too bloated.  Seems to work now.
  • When you fetch emails, are you moving them to a sub folder or deleting them, or are you doing nothing (not recommended)?  If you have email collecting set to do nothing after fetching and delete a ticket and it checks emails it will see that there is an email and create a ticket for it.
  • We have got the same issue happening today, the deleted emails keep coming back. I wasn't moving to a sub folder so I set that up. But the problem is still there?

    Shadyvegus, how did you delete your old tickets?  It would be great if it had a function to select all tickets on a page and delete them to get rid of old tickets.

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