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Ajax not working in osTicket v1.10.1

Hi everybody!

I have some problems with popup notifications.


My host provider brings me CPANEL

I read this, but I don't have access to php.ini for cgi.fix_pathinfo modification

This is my osTicket configuration.

This is my php extensions


This is my php configuration

How can I fix it?

Thank you.


  • Have you got access to the server's error log for that event?
  • No, the only error log is from osticket.

    [20-Sep-2017 00:03:39 UTC] PHP Warning:  Declaration of TransferForm::render($options) should be compatible with Form::render($staff = true, $title = false, $options = Array) in /home/user/subdominios/ticket/include/class.forms.php on line 4487
  • Well, something is generating that 500 server error.
  • Mod_security?
  • I don't know about if mod_security and selinux is enabled or disabled.
    How can I know that?
    I use CPANEL
  • You would talk to and ask your webhost.  They should be able to look at the logs and see if anything is running afoul their security prevcautions. And they can tell you if they will make exceptions for those requests.,
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