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How do I set a default value of a custom form variable?

Hello guys.  Installed v1.10.  I am trying to create a filter where the message gets directed to a department based on a custom form's value. The form has a variable "URL".  How do I set a default value of this variable in open.php?  I want to set a default value when a user creates a ticket via web.

Please advise.



  • edited September 2017
    I can make this work if the custom form is visible to client.  But if it's not visible, how do I get it assigned a default value??  Per the help button it says:

    "The field data will be available to email and page templates via the name used in this column. For instance, fields on the common ticket form are available via %{ticket.variable}, where variable is the name used in this column."

    But I cannot use "{}" in the php page for the variable name... Also, do I add the default form variable value in open.php or in another file?I tried doing something like this in open.php after the "if POST" line"
    $vars[ticket.user.URL]=default value;
    $vars[SiteURL.URL]=default value;
    (I removed the quotes so it shows correct in the thread...)Neither work.... really need some help, if anyone can point me to the right direction is much appreciated.
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