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Translating variables

Hi together,

I´ve tried to resolve the translated "title" problem like @KevinTheJedi (thank you again) considered. Now we create predefined answers which including variables. Everything works fine with exception of the translation from titles.

If we use: "Hallo %{ticket.user.title} %{ticket.user.surname},"

every time the result is:
English: "Hello Mister Black"
German "Hallo Mister Black"
That happens although we translated the list item "Mister" with the correct equivalent "Herr" in German.

We are using the stable version v1.10
By the way, why there is no way to store the used configuration like the version in the profile. So once everybody completed the board registration, there is no information left, nor we have to repeat it every time.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • I deleted the above described list and added a new one to exclude a simple error.
    But unfortunately I get the same error. The fronted "list" is showing correctly the original (en) and translated (de) phrase. But If I am using the variables, the system every time gives out the (en) version, althought I send a test ticket as a German user.

    Does nobody have any idea?
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