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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

[MOD] On-Hold Status (OST 1.10) V1.1


I've received some suggestions i planned on adding in a new version of the Mod.
Therefor i decided to make a more refined version.

- Tickets with the status "On-Hold" are not shown in the "Open Tickets", "Overdue Tickets" and the "Answered Tickets" queue.
- Added custom logo for "On-Hold" menu item.

Step 1. Create a ticket status in the "Custom lists" tab.
Name this status "On-Hold" and set the state to "Open"

Step 2. Open any SQL database program (such as PHPmyadmin) and go to the "OST_ticket_status" table.
In this table, copy the ID of the On Hold status.

Step 3. Open the file "" (Located in the attachments of this post)
and go to line 96, and change the number to the ID you copied.

Step 4. Upload the files to the below specified locations:
- Upload "scp.css" in the folder \scp\css\
- Upload "" in the folder \include\staff\
- Upload "tickets.php" in the folder \scp\
- Upload "onhold_ticket.gif" in the folder \scp\images\icons\

(Files can be downloaded from:

Any requests for this or a new mod?
Let me know (-:

Best regards,


  • hello, great mod.
    But is there a way to count only the on hold ticket's and not the open tickets+ answered.
    Ticket's marked on hold only... like.. ($stats['onhold']...
    I'm going to make another mod and add another status that's Scheduled. going to make the same thing.. but i want to count the tickets that are in that status.. and show in the agent panel.. any way to do this?

    Best Regards 
    Miguel Gomes 
  • Hi Miguel,

    This feature was requested to me before, so far i didn't have the time to research it further.
    I'll start looking into it later today.

    Best regards,
  • Hi there,

    i have tried this mod and it is totaly cool. Could you please find a solution count the ticket in this status?
    This would be perfect.

    Best regards,
  • Hi Christopher,

    I have received a lot of requests for this, i am working on it as we speak.
    If i have created a patch for it i will post the solution as a reply to this thread.

    Best regards,
  • Hi all,

    I just released a patch for this Mod which fixes the Menu Count issue.


    Best regards,
  • hello Nick.. just saw your work around .. and seans.. that.. this line .. $customCountOnHold = db_fetch_array(db_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ost_ticket WHERE `ost_ticket`.`status_id` = 6;"));
    counts.. all the on hold tickets.. and not.. the on hold tickets of the login agent..
    i have not tested on my osticket because i have .. other mod's and .. just putting your file will crash ... but seams the that line does just that.
    Tell me if im wrong.
    Best Regards
    Miguel Gomes
  • edited May 2017
    Hi Miguel,

    This line indeed counts all the open tickets with the status "On-Hold"
    And no, this is not agent specific.

    If you have other mods i would not suggest just uploading this file as the other mods have most likely already modified that file, uploading this one could make the other mods render useless, message me privately and i'll tell you what code should be put where in the file without overriding the other file.

    Best regards,
  • Thanks, but i already made de changes to show only the tickets of that agent. Thank's for the help.
    Best Regards 

    PS: Have you seen the German version os OSticket ??? they have a mod that filter's the tickets and show all the departmens of the agent and show how many tickets are open in whitch department. It's like a costum queue.


  • @AmigGomes would you mind sharing the code you used to show only the on-hold tickets for the agent?
  • i installed all the files, and i can change status to on-hold, but i don't get the on-hold button on the main screen...

    did i miss something?
  • Hi Kabalah,

    I send you a private message.

    Best regards,
  • I've got the same issue as Kabalah. Please advise what the fix is Nick?
  • Hi Siilit,

    It seems for some reason it stopped working for Kabalah because the "on-hold" section was in an if statement (even though it was supposed to be in there) not sure why it isn't working anymore..
    I'll look into it, in the mean time i have made a workaround within the file "tickets.php" and it should show up now (file can be downloaded from:
    Make sure to follow the installation again, since the file will be complete reset.

    In the mean time, i'll look into the problem at hand.

    Best regards,
  • Nice!! it works completely.
    I had the same problem, but now it's ok (with the update).

    Thanks a lot NickTheITguy 
  • Hi Robsm,

    Good to hear!
    Thank you for the appreciation! (-:

    Best regards,
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