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User internal note updated via SQL doesn't appear on UI

Hi there,

I'm using osTicket 1.10.1 on Apache/2.4.27 (cPanel) OpenSSL/1.0.2k mod_bwlimited/1.4 with MySQL and 5.6.31.
I'm working via SQL on table ost_user__cdata . I've updated many records on field "note".
As I go on the staff panel, the user note I've inserted on SQL doesn't appear! It remains the old field previous the SQL update

Here is the query i wrote:
UPDATE `ost_user__cdata` SET `notes` = 'we got problem here' WHERE `ost_user__cdata`.`user_id` = 232;

Here is what I have on the staff panel:

Is it a Radactor problem or a cache problem?


  • As far as I know the _cdata-tables are not normal tables. They are materialized views.
    osTicket drops and recreates this tables regularly. When you import things in those tables the changes get lost.

    The data in this materialized views is coming in fact from some other tables.
    I guess you have to evaluate where the data is coming from and update this "source" tables in order to avoiding data loss.
  • I did the same thing on the telephone filed but it is currently working fine
  • User notes are stored in this table %prefix%_form_entry_values
  • Hi and thanks for all the answers.
    What ost_user__cdata usually do? What is its aim?
    Which is the prefix%_form_entry_values and _user tables?
    How tables are linked togheter?
  • I don't know how the tables are linked together.
    But I know that materialized views are used to collect data from other tables to avoid ressource consuming queries. This "tables" will be dropped an recreated regularly in order to be actual. If I remember correctly the search will recreate the cdata-tables for example.
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