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good night

which means flea trainers, lion tamer and elephant walkers?



  • What is the level of each one? Who is the admin, technician in this case? I do not know what elephant walkers.image
  • You made some groups... (Departments) ?
    I still have no idea what your asking
  • edited October 2017
    i just want to know wha is the  Elephant Walkers/flea trainers/lion talker for Osticket?? What does this mean? just it! because I want to assign the administrator to a group of these that are in the image(sent shortly), but I do not know which one I should assign because I do not know the meaning of these groups!

    Tks anyway @ntozier
  • edited October 2017

    For a technician which one should I choose? 
  • They appear to be departments that you created.
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