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Upgrade v1.10.1(9ae093d) from v1.10 (901e5ea)

Hi all,
We have some troubles about upgrade v. 1.10.1 from v. 1.10.0.
After we upload and overwrite existing files the upgrade menu doesn't show up, but in Agent panel - Dashboard - Information, we have seen next information:
v1.10.1 (9ae093d)  Upgrade — This osTicket version is no longer supported. Please consider upgrading.
Can you help us pls?


  • There were no database changes between 1.10 and 1.10.1, so the upgrader wouldn't run.
  • I see the same message and whilst I'm not able to see your attached pictures I'm confident you will be all update to date and ok so you can ignore that message.

    The code does a lookup of a text record in the dns entry for and returns this line for me: 7200 IN TXT "v=1; m=1.10; V=v1.10.1; c=9ae093d; s=98ad7d55"

    This matches what you said for the git commit for your code (the c= part) and the database schema revision id is very likely the same too (the s= part).

    There are actually 2 minor commits ahead of the v1.10.1 tag in devel branch on github, so if anyone is using that current their git commit will be acac370 instead of 9ae093d.

    As ntozier said also, there is no database upgrade required.
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