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Ticket Subject automatically from Selected Help Topic


I have created a help topic that uses 2 forms (Contact Details and a custom form). In frontend - Create New ticket page, when user selects a topic from drop down, The subject field appears with some other fields.
What I need to do is: When user selects Help topic, subject field will be automatically filled with Topic title.
In dynamic-form.tmpl.php inside foreach, i have used the following :
if (($field->get('name')) == 'subject') {                  }
but i dont know what to put in {}


osTicket Version v1.10.1
Web Server Software Apache/2.4.25 (Debian)
MySQL Version 10.1.26
PHP Version 7.0.19-1


  • Subject is a text field currently.  It's populated with the email's subject, or manually if ticket is created via ui.  The behavior that you are describing is not a feature in osTicket.
  • Hi,
    Im only interested for the manual created via ui. Im planning to add a lot of help topics for user to choose in web form, so subject field will not be necessary.

    Solution :
    Field "subject" is auto filled with help Topic and becomes hidden

    in class.forms.php
    function getFormName() {
            if (is_numeric($this->get('id')))
                        { switch ($this->get('name')) {
                                    case "subject":                                      
                                                return 'formafield' . $this->get('name') ?: $this->get('id');
                                            return substr(md5(
                                                    session_id() . '-field-id-'.$this->get('id')), -16);
                                            return $this->get('name') ?: $this->get('id');

    in dynamic-form.tmpl.php i added a
    switch ($field->get('name')) {
    case "subject":
                            var dropo = document.getElementById("topicId");
                            var selectedOp = dropo.options[dropo.selectedIndex].text;
                            var pedio = document.getElementById("_formafieldsubject");
                            pedio.value = dropo.options[dropo.selectedIndex].text;
                            pedio.setAttribute("type", "hidden");
      if (!$field->isBlockLevel()) { ?>
                            <label  for="<?php echo $field->getFormName(); ?>"><strong><span class="<?php
                                if ($field->isRequiredForUsers()) echo 'required'; ?>">
      ...................  }

  • Did this work for you?  

    At what line number did you insert this code in dynamic-form.tmpl.php and also class.forms.php?
  • Yes it works fine.
    In class.forms.php the function getFormName already exists, i just change the code a little bit.
    As for dynamic-form.tmpl.php, the 3 last lines in my code are already in the file, just search for  if (!$field->isBlockLevel()) { ?> and you will find where you have to change code.

  • edited November 2017
    Btw, if you want to test it or leave the subject field visible because you want user to change the text, just comment the pedio.setAttribute("type", "hidden"); inside <script> in my code in dynamic-form.tmpl.php
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