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management email server error

Hello again
Because the osticket uses the email to handle the ticket, it would be useful to check the mail server at regular intervals, and if the mail server does not respond, it should show the offline page to users and send message to admin(or show error message to admin page).



  • edited November 2017
    My experience is that when the mail server is not reachable an error will be logged to the osticket log.
    System errors like this will additionally be mailed to the administrator email address. 

    So you can see directly that something is going wrong. Even when the mail server is not reachable it uses a fall back method for the error mail with the php mailer which is independent from the configured mail accounts. But ist must be available on the host you are using.

  • how will the user be notified of the mail  server problem so he does not fill requests?
  • We send the mail that the administrator gets for the mail error additionally (forwarding via a mail filter) to the users in order to inform them. When they are writing tickets, the offline page would not help so fast because they are writing a ticket and only when they are leaving the ticket they would see that is something wrong.

    The email however is coming directly to them and they don't have to leave the ticket. We also have noticed that error messages in osticket get not so much attention by our users like an email. 

    Maybe they are more focused because they expect important funny pictures ;-) I don't know..
  • gnsgns
    edited November 2017
    this assumes that you have a backup email address in another mail server so you can send the mail error of the primary email address.
    A second email address could be provided in the system in the event of a failure of the primary email address
  • This is correct. We are using multiple mail infrastructure and monitor them. Every important system or infrastructure in our environment has a backup infrastructure or mechanism and is monitored. 

    HA is unfortunately not easy..
  • if the same team or collaborators manage both the e-mail system and the helpdesk system, there is no problem.
    The problem arises if the two systems are managed by different teams.
  • Yes. We don't do this because it's disadvantage and because of the lack of manpower ;-)
    We are a small company. And it is always good to share information and resources in a responsible way.

    I know it is not possible to do this everywhere but then you have to find another way or lower your expectations. This is my experience I made so far..
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