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bugfixing queue length

edited October 2017 in General Discussions
Hi, I know that developing any complex and universal system is not such easy but let me ask about some progress in issues which I found.
I'd like to use osTicket but everytime when I started with initial setup I found some issues and some of them are crucial for me. So I'm creating issues on github and returning after several months finding there is NO progress at all. And even no "ETA".

Is this just me or anyone else is having the same feeling from this progress?


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    Moving thread to General Discussion.

    I've seen a lot of bug reports (and duplicate bug reports and "shouldn't this do this?" and feature requests) and I see a lot of responses from devs, and other folks, as well as proposed fixes, and PRs for fixes.  So no I do not agree with your opinion.
  • Thanks for moving this thread.

    I'm not saying that is no progress at all, I'm asking about "my" issues (linked) and if it is normal that I have to wait for more than year even for trivial issues...
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    opened at 2:11pm, dev responsed at 2:18pm.

    has several responses and is waiting for a response from you as of this writing.

    I just confirmed this behavior.

    Kevin just responded to you.

    Yes i can confirm this behavior.
    I cannot confirm this behavior and never have heard anyone else say this is a thing.  Also the dev who looked at it couldn't confirm it either and he answered you hours after you posted.
    I cannot replicate this issue, and no one else has reported it.

    If you are looking for customer services on your free osTicket installation.  I would recommend that you start threads here on the forums.  It's my understanding that most of the devs are busy working on new stuff, and if only one person is having an issue with something it doesn't have a very high priority.

    As a side note: you might want to include server environment details in our threads.
  • I'm having a hard time seeing how these issues you've on that link would be crucial, unless you mass deploy osticket maybe, then i could understand (3741).

    Few of the reports seem to contain a whole lot of information, which makes it difficult sometimes to troubleshoot what the root cause can be, in that list i think i found one that mentioned operativsystem and php version.

    Not sure if i saw any pictures, but i saw error logs which is good.

    I can also replicate 3541, 3538 and i can also replicate 3207.

    As for the password reset please see this comment:
  • edited November 2017
    Hi @ntozier

    It wasn't my goal to talk about every single issue, but in general ... because some of them seems to be trivial but probably no one has noticed the issues ... I know that development is not easy as many users think but when I'm delaying OST deployment in the company for 2nd year it started to be suspicious and my boss is asking "why are you waiting for this solution? There are plenty of them, come and let's buy something working, I'm not paying you for work for OST, you have another duties here ..."

    And long time ago you've redirected me to the github and since then I'm using github issues.
    I think it will be better to comment there (github) but ok ...

    #4030 - but this thread was about old issues, this one if from the same day ... anyway I'm glad that you mentioned this issue because it is nice example how nobody cares. This issue has been reported in July here and folks found the bug (thanks @Micke1101 for that link). But nobody created the issue on github and bug is still present in the stable a latest release of the product. I think this is waste of people's time when some (like me) have to run into this KNOWN bug (in December), report it, convince others that it is true, found the bug (I'm just stupid user of OST without knowledge of the source code ... so it is a huge waste of time for me because it consumes apr. 20x more time) and then wait maybe months maybe more for release with bugfixes.

    #3741 ... it is probably some cosmetic issue, I don't care, I'm just doing research and reporting it (for free but I owe this time to my boss) to you guys.

    #3541 ... good

    #3540 ... you are wrong, Kevin replied to me but he was just explaining how I get managed some Topic in the selector but this issue from 2016 is about beforeunload and hardcoded strings. And because it is user frontend I think this shall have a priority.

    #3538 ... Kevin already made a fix (by pull request) ... and please what will be now? The creator of the ticket (me) closes it when PR is solving the issue or better to wait for the merge or proper release or someone else will close this? Ticket is still open.

    #3537 ... I know my English sucks but if someone will read my text carefully then it is obvious that I'm disabling BOTH parent levels and then the issue occurs... 

    #3207 ... I've made a GIF for you and even found some time a tried to dig into the source code ... I found some reference/clue ... maybe it helps


  • @vhajek I don't share your opinion. I agree some things could be optimized and not everything is handled in the best way. But so is open source, nobody is only working for you and nobody does this things to annoy you.

    If more people would support the project things would run better. But most of them only expect things and don't try to help the project in a way that really helps. The project is big, the team is small. And people are people. They are not perfect and they I guess some of them also have a life ;-)

    My experience with commercial software is (maybe yours are different): 
    you will pay much money, there are still many bugs in this software. Some will be fixed some not. Some fast, some late. You can pay more money that more bugs will be fixed and maybe only fixed for you so the software will differ from the standard product and you have more problems then later because it is far away from the standard project it was.

    Even in the big companies like microsoft, cisco and so on many other companies many bugs will not be fixed, or late or they say "this is not a bug, you don't understand it correct, we call it a feature, this act like it does". And I don't think of little bugs. Really bad security bugs or "design decisions" which are in the products for many years. Even when they were reported. Even if you want it. And you have no chance to see it because it is closed source.

    Everyone must decide for itself which is the best way: open source or closed source..

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