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Prefill form using GET

edited November 2017 in Mods and Customizations
I am attempting to have form pre-filled when creating new tickets. There are about 4 parameters that are passed via URL.

I have been able to pre-select the topic by setting the variable topicId . However, I cannot understand how to then pre-fill the fields.

This is my current attempt. As you can see I imagine that something needs to be done within those foreach loops, but not sure what.

$_GET['topicId'] = '10'; // this needs to be set to QA reporting all the time
$pat_id = $_GET['pat_id'];
$user_id = $_GET['user_id'];
$study_date = $_GET['study_data'];
$frame_number = $_GET['frame_number'];

foreach ($form->getFields() as $field) {
foreach ($field as $f) {




  • Solved it!
  • What was your solution?  It might help other people looking to do the same thing.
  • @haris1 can you update us one your solution?
  • I created a new 'api' page with this code

    if(!is_object($thisclient) || !$thisclient->isValid()) die('Access denied'); //Double check again.

    if ($thisclient->isGuest())
        $_REQUEST['id'] = $thisclient->getTicketId();


    I edited the login code from include/client/

            <input id="username" placeholder="<?php echo __('Email or Username'); ?>" type="text" name="luser" size="30" value="<?php echo $_GET['user_id']; ?>" class="nowarn">

    And finally added these lines in include/client/templates/dynamic-form.tmpl.php (Asterix to anonymise company name):

                if ($_GET['****'] == '1')
                    switch ($field->getLocal('label'))
                        case 'Patient ID':

                        case 'Exam Date':

                        case 'Slice/Frame Number':

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