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Error "Email already setup as system email" when enable email fetching


I have just made my first installation of osticket. I have setup the email and when I enable the "email fetching" option I get the error "Email already setup as system email" (see attached picture).


  • quite literally you are already using that address as the system default email, so you cannot also use it for the admin email.
  • ok,  what I want to do is to use a different email as default system email but any change  I made i get this error:
    1. I have tryed to change only the admin's email in this screen
    2. I have tried to change the default system email, the alert email and the default MTA

    How can i use roberto@... as admin email adress and support@... as default system email and enable fetching? When  I try to do that I get the error message.

  • Go to Admin panel -> Emails -> Emails.
    Setup the support email.

    Go to Admin panel -> Emails -> Settings
    change system default email.
    Click Save Changes
  • Thank you, ntozier. But I think i'm a little bit awkward.

    I setup ayuda@ as support mail at admin-emails-emails

    After that, I change the system default email and enable fetch, but I get same error mesagge when I click save changes

  • You didnt remove the ayuda@.
    Go to Admin panel -> Emails -> Emails.
    remove it.
  • Thank you. I have removed ayuda@ but I get the same error when I enable fetch
  • Not sure what to tell you other than you must be using that email some where else in osTicket.
  • Maybe this email address is used in the first created administrator account (also an agent!) which could be the blocker. So try to change it first..
  • Hello,

    I have removed previous installations and have installed osticket again. The first think I made is to enable fetch but I get the same error message
  • removing the installation doesn't do anything if you dont delete the database.
  • Solved: finally i changed the default administration email and I could enable fetching. 
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