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Change Status when Client replies via Email

Hi all, I want to customize the way status' work so that it updates it dynamically depending on who replied last.
I have gotten it to work so that when a Agent replies the status is changes to answered and when a client replies the status changes to Pending. This works fine on both the Client and SCP systems.

However I cannot work out how to update a status when a client replies via email. Could someone point me to the files I need to edit?

Sorry for the poor explanation. Let me know if it isn't clear. 



  • edited April 2015
    For anyone who wants to know how to do this:

    Within include/class.ticket.php  Edit the query on line 1138 and set status_id to the corresponding status on the database table (ost_ticket_status) for me it was 6.

     db_query('UPDATE '.TICKET_TABLE.' SET isanswered=0, status_id=6,  lastmessage=NOW() WHERE ticket_id='.db_input($this->getId()));

    Now every time a client emails a response the status updates.

  • Great you found a solution for your issue. Btw. modifying the source code was the only option here since osTicket does not support such a feature yet. Really great btw you also shared it here with the forum.

    Should I mark this thread as resolved and close it?
  • what changes did you do originally to get it work when an Agent replies via SCP?
  • Looks like this needs to be done differently in 1.10.x

    I want to add 2 more status, so the default "Open"-Status is only for untouched tickets, and the new one:
    • "In Progress (Action required by Support-Team)"
    • "In Progress (Action required by Customer)"
    I need to change the status after every submit (whether via email or web). How can this be done in 1.10.1?

    Thank you

  • @meder this thread is from 2015 and for version 1.9.  If you have an issue please start your own thread with your own environment information in the appropriate section of the forums.  Thank you.

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