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Attachment in New Ticket Alert

 "New Ticket Alert" notification emails to also include Attachments.

Have we fond a solution for this...?


  • You should tell us more information about your environment and what do you want to when you post a question or something that looks like question ;-) Explain a little bit more in detail what you mean.

    Anyway, I guess that you mean if a customer mails a ticket to you, the agent should become the new ticket alert mail with the attached files that the customer had used in his mail. If this is the case you don't need to modify osticket. It has a built in variable for this case. When you add %{message.files} to the appropriate email template then the files will be attached. I have just tested it and it works.

  • Thank you for the response mfelber. I apologize for not describing my question properly. 

    But actually my ques is little bit different, what I wanted was in my organization the new ticket is created through the OS-ticket API from the customers.

    So everything is working fine the attachment is getting attached and we can even download it as well once the agent gets logged in to the os-ticket.And the agent is getting the new ticket alert mail as well.

    But the thing is the mail consists of all the basic information but the attachment which is attached by the customers is not been notified in the mail.

    So is there any way to get attachments loaded in the New Ticket Alert Mail which is notified to the agents?
  • Hmm, I am a little bit confused. You did add %{message.files} to the new ticket alert template and when the notify is send, it does not contain the attachments that the customers have transferred with the ticket that was created via the api?

    In my case when the tickets are created via email the agents get this notification including the attachments.
    Which osTicket Version are you using?
  • Yes I did add  %{message.files} in the template but it din't worked for shows the text " %{message.files}" as it is.

    And my version is : osTicket (v1.9.14)

  • Ok, that make sense. I think this variable was first introduced with osticket 1.10. The actual release is 1.10.1.
  • Is there a list of currently available variables ?
  • osTicket introduced type ahead for variables so no list is really needed anymore, but I maintained a list of variables up until then.

  • Thank you for  the list @ntozier but I have already gone through this list before but din't found a solution for my query. 

    Can you help me for the same..?
  • I'm sorry but I do not think that I can assist you in this.  I do not think that variable existed in the 1.9 tree and you would need to upgrade to 1.10 tree to get it.
  • i put my question according to this: 

    in 1.10 ... is there somthing like: 

    %{ticket.thread.files} too? 

    i want to send the original attachemnts with the mail .. just in case there are some receipts in CC, that could not see the original Files.  
  • @andiOmmsen  please do not hijack other peoples threads.  Start your own.

    Variables in 1.10+ use type ahead.  So you can see for yourself by editing a template and utilizing that.

    Alternatively you can reference my old [depreciated] list of variables at:

  • edited January 18
    the new wiki and 1.10.1 supported variable list does not list

    using it in userAgentNew Ticket notice for some reason only returns the message body

    should this still be valid, if you enter values and files in the "New Ticket" button in
    the agent interface?

    it should be the same new ticket alert right, except it was entered by the agent.
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