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PHP IMAP Extension

I am installing osticket on ubuntu server and I am on the setup screen but I see that under recommended my PHP IMAP Extension has a red X. How can i enable this functionality as we will need it for fetching email from Gmail and creating tickets with it. I think that I need to do something in the php.ini file but I am not finding that anywhere that I am looking. To see what instructions I am following you can reference  I did omit the part where it wanted me to use an older version of php so I am using 7.0.22. 
Guidance is much appreciated.


  • You should really use php5.6.

    you have to install the php 7 imap package.  on php5 it would be apt-get install php5-imap.  I do not know what it is for php 7.

    Don't forget to restart the Apache service after you make this change.

  • I got it to work. To install it its just 

    sudo apt-get install php7.0-imap
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