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Receive emails from exchange 2010 without IMAP/POP


As the title says, is it possible to receive emails from exchange (from 4 different mail accounts) without IMAP/POP? Our company has disabled this feature and for security reasons they don't want to enable IMAP. I have found the following pages and but thats general info. Is there any plugin? Is IMAP the only way to receive the emails? Im using 1.10.1 on Debian Stretch and exchange is in the same network, different machines.



  • osTicket allows two says of getting email.

    1. scheduled IMAP or POP collection of email.
    2. email Piping

    Since Exchange does not support email piping, you do not have much of a choice.  

    Some ways to get around this are to have the four email addresses also deliver mail to or forward mail to another address (on a different server that allows either).

    Something like this:
  • Hi ntozier, thanks for the reply.
    Yes, forwarding the emails to a different server is an option but i am looking for an alternative solution :)

  • Those are the only alternatives that I am aware of since Exchange does not support piping.  

    You can:
    •  enable POP/IMAP on the server and grant permissions to a single account (per email address of course)
    •  forward the email to another account at the server level to another server that allows POP/IMAP/piping
    •  switch to a different mail server that does support piping
  • I don't have one as I have never used it.

    Upon first glance it looks old (written for php5 and Exchange 2007).
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