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[resolved] Attachment manager?

edited December 2017 in General Discussions
I saw on previous versions of osTicket, there was an attachment manager located at /setup/cli/manage.php, but I can't find it in 1.9. Anyone know where it's located now? Thanks!


  • There is not nor has there ever been a "attachment manager".  

    But you can user setup/cli/manage to migrate attachments between the filesystem and the database if you have the plugin Attachments::Filesystem installed.  This would move them from the DB to the Filesystem:

    php setup/cli/manage.php file migrate --backend D --to F
  • Thanks! I forgot the setup folder is deleted after installation, so I didn't see it. That's exactly what I was looking for. 
  • Excellent.  I'll close this thread and mark it resolved. :)
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