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limit agent or team to see only users of a specific organization

Hi again,

we can limit an agent or team managed a specific organization to view only the users that belongs to that specific organization ;


  • I don't see a way to reach this without altering the program code of osTicket.
    Until now I haven't seen a mod that is able to do this..

    Maybe an experienced person who is familiar with that could point you to the right direction..
  • I do not think it is difficult. When an agent is logged in, you need to execute a sql query to restrict user view (management) only to the organization that is managed by that agent.
    I think it is also a matter of security. So it can not view and handle users of other organization
  • @mfelber is correct in saying that you need to modify the code in order to achive this, you could not do this with a plugin.

    The following sections need to be modified to achive this

    In order to actually limit the staff to view only their tickets:

    The difficulty will be on how you're going to configure what department has access over which organization, the only built in field that i can think of would be internal notes, but that might be too accible for your staff, depends on your configuration.
  • gnsgns
    edited December 2017
     @Micke1101  This is very helpful.Thank you very much!
    Using filters can assign tickets from a particular organization to a specific team.
    You can also define the same team as an account manager.
    The problem in my opinion is to restrict the team use and security rights to that organization

    Every organization I think is right to be managed separately

  • hi

    under the top level "department" (public)  i create two sub department (private) one for each of two organization.
    Then i make two filters one for each organization   that set  ticket department for organization 1 to  departmet 1 (private) etc.
    In that way each department see only the tickets for the organization that managed.
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