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Emails to Notify in Create Ticket Form Not Working

I am finalizing and verifying all that is OSTicket before I role it into production. I am running V1.10.1 and am having one last issue that is bugging me and can not figure out. When creating a new email and dropping in additional emails to notify, the ticket is generated and all is working except that the emails dropped in the Emails To Notify field doesn't work. See attached screenshot.

This is a custom form that prompts the user for the customer site, help type, and I wanted to add an additional field that would allow the user to add an additional email that they would want to send a copy of the ticket to such as a manager or supervisor.

Anyone have any pointers on this problem. 



  • no screen shots.

    Do your CCed emails have user accounts?
  • edited December 2017

    The field would allow the registered user creating the ticket to add emails to recipients that might not yet be registered with the ticketing system. 

    Here is an attachment of a screenshotimage

  • When I try to attach a file using the "attach a file" under this comment window the message gets posted but the attached file does not show up. Not sure what is going on with this system. 
  • That is not an osTicket feature... and I have never seen that field before.  Did you make this yourself or install some mod?
  • Actually, it was something I attempted to do that is not possible so please disregard this topic. 
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