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Unable to Migrate attachments from Database to File System.

Dear Sir,

Very Good Morning.

We are using the Os ticketing tool since long time and we are using the data base to store the attachments of the tickets.
But because of that our system is hanging frequently and is taking long time to respond.

Hence we are planning to move the attachments storage to file system in my Linux system.

1) But we are now aware of how to move the existing attachments to the specified location.
2) Also, Please confirm if the attachments from now on wards will get stored in the location or not after the respective plug in installation.

We request your kind help on the below.
Below are the Os ticket specifications of my set up.

osTicket Version v1.10.1 (9ae093d) —  Up to date
Web Server Software Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) PHP/7.0.26
MySQL Version 5.7.20
PHP Version 7.0.26
Operating System Linux.

We request your kind help on this as you do always.

Thanks & Regards,
Saikumar Kolli.


  • The words you are using are telling us that you know how to migrate the attachments from the database to the filesystem ("But we are now aware of how to move..").

    I think you are not aware how to do this ;-)

    Here are some screenshots that are showing how to change the storing of new attachments: Activating the plugin with this procedure will store new attachments to the filesystem.

    I think for migrating existing attachments you will have to use this cli command:

  • I didn't have joy with the Phar, but using the github version worked. 

    Then the cli commands migrated fine. (The blog post is old, manage.php is now in webroot)

    Gotcha: Ensure cron runs as your webserver! Otherwise files created by cron won't be accessible to the webserver.. 
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