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[resolved] So I messed up and now can't log in...

In the past few days on our dev server I have been toying with passing authentication from a separate page and made the mistake of disabling LDAP and now I can't log in. The admin password is a total mystery(I didn't set this project up merely inherited it). However I attempted the pw reset that I found by going through the mysql database using [update `ost_staff` set `passwd`=MD5('12345') where `staff_id`='22';] however this doesn't work..

Any suggestions on how I should proceed?


  • I have unfortunately no idea if osticket 1.8.x had the same structure as 1.10.x but hoping that it does, if you look in the database in the table %prefix%_plugin you can find the id of the ldap plugin.

    Then go to %prefix%_config and look for the namespace plugin.%plugin_id% there you should find the keys auth-staff and auth-client set the value of these to 1 in order to enable them.

    It's very strange that the password reset method doesn't work, are you sure the admin account has id 22?
  • The admin account is usually staff_id='1' (the first account that osTicket creates). You can change the staff_id=# to username='yourUserName' tomake sure that you're resetting the right user.

    Its possible that your account's auth backend is set to only ldap.  Which means that reseting the password wouldn't work since it never tries to auth against the local password.  Check and see what ost_staff table, backend field is set to. (it should be empty)   this query would tell you:
    SELECT backend FROM ost_staff WHERE staff_id='22';
    -or by username!-
    SELECT backend FROM ost_staff WHERE username='yourUserName';
    You can change the backend to any using this SQL query:
    UPDATE ost_staff SET backend='' WHERE username='yourUserName';
    Lastly (and I would try this first) If you simply disabled ldap you can do this to turn it back on [assuming you left it configured and installed] using this query:
    UPDATE ost_plugin SET isactive='1' WHERE name='LDAP Authentication and Lookup';

  • well I didn't want to reset the admin password as at the time I was hoping the previous developer would remember the the admin password(they unfortunately did not). the staff_id 22 is my staff account. But since it was always authenticated through LDAP the passwd in MySQL was null. I will attempt what has been suggested here and get back to you.

    I was able to re-enable LDAP, however oddity occurred in your suggestion. the command [update ost_plugin set isactive='1' where name='LDAP Authenctication and Lookup';] returned:

    Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)
    Rows matched: 0  Changed: 0  Warnings: 0

    Which I found odd, however using [update ost_plugin set isactive='1' where id='1';] returned: 

    Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)
    Rows matched: 1  Changed: 1  Warnings: 0

    This was successful, I appreciate the assistance!

    I will be posting a Discussion in the appropriate category inquiring about passing authentication from another site as I have found setting the $_SESSION data is quite extensive.
  • Just noticed I had a typo in the first query.....ha
  • edited December 2017
    So the reason that I went with name='variable' instead of the id='#" is that I wasn't sure that ldap was the only plugin that you had installed, and certainly didnt know if you had installed some plugins before the ldap one. :)  In case you were curious. 

    So are you all set now?
  • No worries, You guys got me squared away. I appreciate it!

  • Very welcome. Glad to be able to help! :)
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