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invalid redirection setup on install - SOLUTION

a logn time (as many issues) bug now solved when real path are away of root web server: of course "developers" (what?) dont know what are a "aliasing" so i posted for info:

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: when use aliasing in server for PROFESSIONAL setup (real path are away of root web server), the call to http://server/osticket/setup fails and redirect to http://server/setup instead

SOLUTION HERE: the following chnages solve the situation

diff --git a/bootstrap.php b/bootstrap.php
index e65a096..fa5028b 100644
--- a/bootstrap.php
+++ b/bootstrap.php
@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ class Bootstrap {
                     'Please rename config file include/settings.php to include/ost-config.php to continue!');
         } elseif(file_exists(ROOT_DIR.'setup/'))
-            Http::redirect(ROOT_PATH.'setup/');
+            Http::redirect($_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'].'/'.$_SERVER['
         if(!$configfile || !file_exists($configfile))
             Http::response(500,'<b>Error loading settings. Contact admin.</b>');



  • From linked thread:
    User runs unsupport webserver: lighttpd.

    Closing thread.
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