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Automatic revert on new message from email

Hi All

I must say that osT has been working amazing well for last 6 months. Everytime something doesnt work right, it would typically mean that I missed some configurations. :-)

So I have another case in hand with the following scenario:
- An email by a customer (with couple of other people in cc) lands in osT and a new ticket gets created.
- Agent updates the thread with a new message -> an alert notification is sent back to the customer and all other collaborators
- One of the collaborator reverts back on the notification message -> this new message is added in the ticket thread.
- But this new thread entry creation does not trigger any alert notification to other collaborators.

Am I missing something here. All the notification checkboxes are checked under settings and the department level checkboxes (where you can disable alerts) are unchecked

osT environment is:
- Ubuntu 16.04
- osT v1.10 
- Php 5.6
- MySQL 5.6

Any pointers here will be helpful.



  • Please go to:
    Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Autoresponder

    What do you have this set to?
    New Message:
  • Thanks for revert. That is already checked.
  • When I try this on my production system, it sends an email to all the Users apart of the ticket (owner and all collabs) saying “%{} just logged a message to a ticket in which you participate.”

    Are you using a mail relay (and external addresses so its being rejected by the server?)
    Have you checked spam boxes?

  • I just did one round of Debug and found that the mail (which is new message) is being classified as "AutoReply" by Ticket Filter; resulting in mail not being sent to collaborators 
  • It was Header : Precedence : LIST which was marking all mails as AutoReply and hence not letting the new message alert being sent to collaborators.

    Commented this particular filter and it works.
  • A clarification is needed: 

    Doesnt osTicket sent new message notification when collaborator adds message via email?

  • Q: Doesnt osTicket sent new message notification when collaborator adds message via email?

    A: The answer is not binary and depends on how YOU have osTicket configured.
  • Got it.

    So the system should support that, but may be the configuration is not letting it happen.

    Time to take another dig in the code.

    Thanks again!
  • You do not need to look at the code. 
    Check configuration settings for: departments, alerts, notification. Also check ticket filters.
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