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Cannot delete custom form from help topic

Hello guys,

We are looking to for to use OSTicket in our environment so we installed OSTicket and upgraded to the latest version. We started to test it and a problem come across. I've created a help topic and added a custom form to it. I wanted to delete this form and added another one so I clicked on the bin and saved the changes but the form still there and cannot get rid of it. Did I do something wrong or is this a bug?

Sorry if this topic already answered somewhere but if I searched 'Cannot delete custom form' something else showed up.

Many thanks




  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.
  • Hi ntozier,

    I've tried to attach a screenshot but a message come up Do I want to open or save UploadAttachment_1...json so I couldn't use this function.

    I've just copied below the information tab data. As this is my first topic please let me know if you need any other information.

    osTicket Versionv1.10.1 (9ae093d) Up to date
    Web Server SoftwareApache
    MySQL Version5.6.38
    PHP Version5.5.35
    PHP Extensions
    gdlib Used for image manipulation and PDF printing
    imap Used for email fetching
    xml XML API
    xml-dom Used for HTML email processing
    json Improves performance creating and processing JSON
    mbstring Highly recommended for non western european language content
    phar Highly recommended for plugins and language packs
    intl Highly recommended for non western european language content
    fileinfo Used to detect file types for uploads
    APCu Improves overall performance
    Zend Opcache Improves overall performance
    PHP Settings
    cgi.fix_pathinfo "1" is recommended if AJAX is not working
    date.timezone UTC
    Database Information and Usage
    Schemasupport_osticket (localhost)
    Schema Signature98ad7d550c26ac44340350912296e673
    Space Used9.09 MiB
    Space for Attachments0.18 MiB
    TimezoneGMT (Interpreted as Europe/London)
  • Apache error log?
    PHP error log?
    error message when you try to delete the form?
    How are you determining that the form isn't being deleted? (admin panel -> manage -> forms?)
  • So no error message pop up. It happens in  (admin panel ->Help topics->forms) where I can see the ticket details form and our custom forms. I found that we can grab and move up or down any forms. Next to our custom forms there is a bin. If I click on it a message come up 'You sure?'. Clicked OK the custom form disappear so it seems fine. After click 'Save Changes' button the custom form reappear. I've noticed that if I changed something on other fields in the help topics the 'Save changes' button changed its colour to orange but if I removed the custom form the button hasn't changed its colour. Might not related to the issue.

    I going to collect the apache error log and php error log.

    If I have got the error logs, how can I upload the files as I mentioned it didn't work for me?


  • copy and paste any pertinent entries into the thread?
  • Hi ntozier,

    I found that it works in chrome but doesn't work in IE11 
    I ran Developer Tools in IE and after clicked on 'Save Changes' the following showed in the tool.

    On the Console tab:
    SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'remove'
    File: script block (26), Line: 9, Column: 42

    On the debugger tab:

    function onclick(event)
                if (confirm(__('You sure?'))) {
                    var tbody = $(this).closest('tbody');
                        .find('[name=form_id] [value=' +'formId') + ']')
                        .prop('disabled', false);
    Object doesn't support property or method 'remove'
                return false;

    I can use Chrome instead of IE to carry on.


  • I talked to the devs about this and was told:
    "this is a known IE issue…they dropped support for `remove()` function…"
    Solution: Use Edge or anything else instead
  • Thanks, I'll use chrome then.
  • Hi ntozier

    You can close this.

This discussion has been closed.