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Custom field - Memo - Image issue


I will try to explain clearly the issue I encountered on my osTicket system.
Firstly, below the version.


The issue:

I created a lot of custom form with a lot of custom fields.
Some of those custom fields are "memo".
If a client or an agent create a request by using this form and copy/paste an image in these fields, it is working and the image is appearing and the ticket is well created.

But when an agent want to chech the ticket, the file is corrupted and the image is not displayed.
I made a lof of test, and also try to modify the database (backup before) but nothing solved this issue.

Below two images of the problem.


All ideas are welcome.



  • @alex_del

    It seems you are using a modified osTicket installation. You should remove all the mods completely or remove them one by one and see if that resolves your issue. If you remove a mod and it works again then you know the issue is with the particular mod and you should contact the owner/maintainer of the mod for a resolution.

  • Thanks for your message. Indeed it is a modified version with the Awesome mod.
    I already did that and I have the same issue.

    I also have a test environment without any mod and the problem is the same.

    Did you read my message and are you able to help me?
  • Hi,

    Could someone try to copy/paste a large PNG and a small PNG image in a custom field declared as a "Long answer" in a custom form and tell me if the image appears clearly in the ticket or if the same issue is encountered?
  • Hello,

    I continued my investigation and I finally found a way to solve this behavior.
    I am not sure it is a good thing to do that, but if someone encounter the same issue he can do the following.

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