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No create ticket button / submit button


Im using osticket for an internal helpdesk. Since last week I am not able to create any tickets via the agent login.
Other Users are able to create tickets but all Agents and Administrators are not able to. 

I can see the "Create Ticket" button and I can fill out the form but at the bottom of the form there is no "Submit" or "Create Ticket" button.
You can see my screenshots for a reference.
In my PHP Logs seems to be no error and otherwise the helpdesk is functioning perfectly and im happy, but I can't use it without agent-created tickets.

My Configuration:
OSTicket Version: v1.10.1
MySQL Version: 5.7.20
PHP Version: 7.1.7

I hope somebody will be able to help me, thanks!

Best Wishes


  • "PHP Version: 7.1.7"
    ^ did you upgrade your PHP?  osTicket does nto support 7.1.x at this time.
  • Thanks for the fast answer!

    The problem seems not to be with php and more with something else.
    I have multiple versions of PHP installed and everything except the submit button works.

    I have read in other threads that there might be a problem with the Translation Files.
    I had the german translation installed for a while but even when I delete it, it still won't work.

    Also I tried to remove the 7.1.7 Installation on my IIS but I seem to not be able to.

    Is there anything else I can do or do you know how I can change the PHP Version that my IIS Site uses ?
  • Q: Is there anything else I can do or do you know how I can change the PHP Version that my IIS Site uses ?

    You are in luck!

    Open IIS Manager.
      In the left hand panel expand the webserver, expand Sites, and click on the site that you want to change PHP for.

    In the middle panel, click on Handler Mappings
    Scroll down until you see *.php (the name can and often changes but this is what handles .php files)
    Double click it.
    In the resulting screen locate the Executable (optional) field.
    Note what is there now so you can change it back later.
    click the little button with the three ... on it.
    Use this browse to locate the PHP executable that you want to use.
    Once you have done that click Open.
    If it asks you any questions chances are the answer is yes.

    Stop the site, start the site.
    You should be using the new version of PHP that you selected.
    You can test by going to the information page in osTicket and see what it reports.
    If it still has the old version then you need to stop/start IIS.

    It worked with the PHP Version 7.0! (Somehow not with 5.3, but that doesn't matter)
    I looked for a way to downgrade the PHP version for such a long time but no one seemed able to give me advice. 
    Thank you very much for the fast and reliable support.

    Best Wishes!

  • You're very welcome. We have a very similar webserver setup. (IIS, PHP 7.0) which is why I could give such a precise answer. 

    As a side note: osTicket no longer supports PHP 5.3 and I think 5.4 is out too (You need 5.5.x or 5.6+) also support for greater than PHP 7.0.x just isnt there yet, so PHP 7.1 will probably mean issues.  I've heard that people have some issues on 7.0.x but I have our production site running under 7.0.x.
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