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mail tickets Active Directory integration

Hi! I need to create a configuration for mail ticket reception. I want to connect to active directory and get location information via LDAP for incoming mails. All mail accepted are in active directory, and the user have set information in Active directory location field.

There is a way to make it?


  • I've never heard of anyone's AD/LDAP storing the location information for every email ever sent before... 

    Maybe your just confused and you want to pull a specific users location?  Such as 'office', 'c' (country abbrev), 'co' (country, long), department, description, l (city), postalCode (zipcode), streetAddress, etc....

    AD attributes:
  • Maybe I was no clearly to explain. Every user have set location field  as AD attribute. I want to get this atribute from osTicket when I receive a new ticket.

  • This is not a feature in osTicket at this time.  Which AD attribute are using to store that data?
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