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Email setup for Internal osTicket setup

Hello all, 

New user here and so far loving the product.  I'm fairly new setting these things up but I was finally able to set up and get osTicket running on localhost network.

My question/request help is the following:

I want to use osTicket for our fairly small support department. However, we are not allowed to set osTicket on the internet, meaning only people on our internal network can access osTicket as long as they are on our network.  So far I've managed to set that up.

Currently we get our support tickets through email, Outlook to be specific, through a specified inbox.  Customers email us, we reply back and track the case on a spreadsheet once it has been resolved.

My question is, can osTicket pull emails from our inbox and automatically create a ticket without it being on the internet?  Or is that not possible and it needs to be on the internet?  Eventually the setup will be on MS server box and can only be accessed internally.

Any help or feedback is appreciated.

Thank you.


  • can the webserver that your hosting osTicket on talk to your mail server?

    If it can then yes it can connect to your mail server and collect email.
  • We have been doing that for years and it works well.  We scan the issues to email and osTicket picks them up there.

    We did have an issue with Office360 though.  Ours is set up to force new passwords every three months.  That is a pain so we set up a more conventional mailserver to bypass that issue.
  • @ntozier

    Yes it will.  Thanks for the feedback and I will try to set it up.
  • Hi @Machumba231

    I am new user and using it in my organization. Actually i have question that is look similar to yours. Have you successfully managed to do it ?

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