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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

v1.10 Add and remove columns data from Tickets view

Hi Guys,

We've installed Osticket v 1.10 recently and would like to modify it a bit - remove FROM and PRIORITY fields from the Tickets view  and add DEPARTMENT instead.

I've tried to follow already existing discussions by introducing DEPARTMENT instead of ASSIGNED TO  but that's not really an option because We must have both columns visible.

Tried to modify ticket_values (rows 375-377):

// Select pertinent columns
// ------------------------------------------------------------
$tickets->values('lock__staff_id', 'staff_id', 'isoverdue', 'team_id',
'ticket_id', 'number', 'cdata__subject', 'user__default_email__address',
'source', 'cdata__:priority__priority_color', 'cdata__:priority__priority_desc', 'status_id', 'status__name', 'status__state', 'dept_id', 'dept__name', 'user__name', 'lastupdate', 'isanswered', 'staff__firstname', 'staff__lastname', 'team__name');

but seems it's just removing the column name itself but data still remains.

Any assistance would be really appreciated.


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