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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

osTicket Awesome 1.10.1 released


osTicket Awesome is the ONLY osTicket theme that improves BOTH the staff and the client areas.

It utilizes a
 fully responsive design throughout. You'll want to check out the demos on a desktop/laptop AND a mobile device.

This latest release has been redesigned from scratch, streamlined to allow for quicker updates in the future.

It now uses 
up to 1200px of desktop screen real estate (osTicket native only uses 960px). 

While osTicket defiantly attempts to display itself at 960px wide on your Android or iPhone, osTicket Awesome shrinks down to accommodate mobile screens as tiny as 325px wide. That means it will even look good on your mom's iPhone 4!

Tested and supported in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and MS Edge.

imageosTicket Awesome supports RTL and i8ln. In fact, all languages officially supported by osTicket are pre-installed.

Your agents can re-prioritize tickets without leaving the ticket list screen.

New in version 1.10.1...
color themes.

Now you can manage your client’s needs in style, with ease and from anywhere.

Stop by and try out the demos!


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    How do you manage support problems? I guess using this theme(/mod?) prevents getting support from

    Or avoids this theme altering core files?

  • edited January 11
    That is a really good question! But this hasn't been a issue and I don't anticipate that it ever will be.

    The instructions for installing osTicket Awesome begin by having the user back up their current osTicket installation. After osTicket Awesome is up and running, the original osTicket is still accessible / usable. One can switch between the two and any data changed in one will be reflected in the other.

    Therefore, to address you question... if any issues arise, one can immediately diagnose if the issue is native to their osTicket installation or a result of the Awesome-themed files.

    If the issue is specific to their osTicket Awesome installation, the user can contact me or, preferably, post their issue to the support forum at

    If the issue is related to osTicket itself, one can seek support here.

    It is also worth pointing that osTicket Awesome never modifies the users ost database in any way. I recognize that the company database is
    extremely important.

    In the absolute worse case scenario (if, hypothetically, both installations somehow stopped working) one could simply install osTicket from scratch and configure ost-config.php to point to the old database.

    Installing / running osTicket Awesome does not pose any potential risk and one can revert back to osTicket native at any time.  :)
  • This looks amazing! (Ha, I guess that's why you called it that).

    My organization is very concerned with security and we always keep our osTicket up-to-date.

    How quickly does Awesome get updated?
  • Hey Rocket7,

    If I'm going to be honest: I didn't release anything between 1.9.12 and 1.10.1. 

    Having said that, my new release was rebuilt from scratch with an emphasis on improving my workflow so that I can integrate future updates much quicker.

    And actually, I released osTicket Awesome for 1.10 at the same time as 1.10.1.

    Going forward a new version of osTicket Awesome will be available within 1 - 30 days of each update to osTicket.

    P.S. When you purchase osTicket Awesome you are entitled to all updates and new versions for 2 years.

    Thanks for your question!
  • Best osTicket theme out there. Works perfectly on mobile devices. Best bang for your money and you will be taken care of by Stevland. 
  • I really appreciate your positivity and support here and on the other forums, kkrumm.

    I probably wouldn't use the word "perfect" to describe how osTicket Awesome works on mobile devices
    myself just yet, but we're getting there!
  • Hey bud! I just bought / downloaded / installed Awesome this morning. Whole process took maybe10 minutes. Later on the boss runs into my office and says What did you do to the ticket system. It looks awesome!

    Ha ha yeah so aptly named.

    Keep up your awesome work!
  • @stevland will this theme affect any customizations we have made to our installation? For example we have added an additional column to show Help Topic on the main queue.

  • @rocket7 

    I appreciate your enthusiasm! I hope you told your boss that it took you
    weeks to design!


    Yes, I'm afraid that you would have to reapply any customizations to the osTicket Awesome installation.

    At the risk of giving advice that you don't need, if you
    do want to proceed, here is how I would personally achieve this.

    1) Use a text comparison program (grep, PowerGrep, DiffTools, WinMerge, etc.) to compare your osTicket files to the source files. Note all modifications.

    2) Backup your osTicket and install osTicket Awesome.

    3) Reapply all modifications to osTicket Awesome.

    A bit tedious, I know, but I am afraid that is the what is required.

    P.S. The addition of another column may also require a few CSS tweaks to "blend in" with osTicket Awesome's design. I can provide a few tips but let's cross that bridge if/when we get to it.
  • @stevland I have more questions, is there a way to contact you directly with those? There is no contact information on the site and you cant ask in the forums without being an existing customer.
  • @blueyeguy

    Hey, yes it's true the contact info on the site is a little buried (intentionally).

    You can contact me at

  • @stevland I sent an email on Friday 2/23 but have not heard back from you yet. Just following up.

  • I still have yet to receive a response to my inquiry from 2/23.
  • Same here I tried reaching out to stevland to his email just make sure everything is okay. But haven't heard back :( 
  • Sorry guys, I had to deal with a bunch of unexpected stuff in my personal life which caused me to fall behind in my regular career as an overworked, stressed-out IT support schlep.

    Barring the unforeseen, I'm planning to jump back into this project tomorrow and deal with all of the request / questions / demands I've been receiving. Hopefully I will also get back to preparing the v1.3 release.

    Both of you gentleman should expect a reply from me shortly! :)
  • Glad to hear from you stevland. Hope you are doing okay. Take care bud. 
  • I’m also looking forward to the updates. I love the theme, just needs some cleaning up and few bugs squished.
  • Lots of updates, lots of bugs squashed!

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