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Can't set password to new agent

Hi guys,

I am new with OSticket just installed version 1.10. Im about to add new user account but I cant set password.



  • Your title contradicts your thread text.  So which is it that you are trying to do: create a new agent w/ password or create a new user w/ password?
  • Sorry, 

    I created user account, but I can't set password
  • Go to Users -> User Directory
    Click Add User
    type in details.
    Click Add User

    The user is now created.  They can log in as a guest user using email address and a valid ticket number of theirs.

    If you want to set a specific password etc, now that you have created them click Register.
    Select Authentication source (or leave it at any)
    Uncheck "Send account activation email to"

    Set the temporary password. 
    Confirm the password
    Click Create Account.
  • thanks for the instruction
  • Very welcome.
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