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New Ticket Alert stopped working

Hello, I am having some problems with getting new ticket alerts sent to my email. Details below:

-Running OSTicket 1.10.1 on GoDaddy hosted Linux platform
-Running PHP 7.0.x
-Using the php mailer (GoDaddy doesn't allow sending to external SMTP)
-All other emails work fine, including autorespond to the user when they open a new ticket
-diagnostic test email in the OST email settings works with the address that is supposed to be getting the alert
-I have checked all settings including email autoresponders, alerts, etc against the OST KB + previous forum posts and they appear to be correct
-My mailbox is listed as an admin in OST and the sending to admins box is ticked, and I have no filters or auto-assignment rules in place
-I tried setting my account to a different email address on a different domain + mail service - I get the same problem (no email sent to me except when I send the diagnostic test message)

Emails worked fine right up until Feb 14, nothing has changed since then except for some reason only the new ticket alert stopped working (yet the user who submits the ticket gets a reply)

Appreciate any help you can give - thank you


  • I would recommend that you talk to GoDaddy technical support.  Obviouslty if things were working and suddenly stopped then they changed something on their side. (probably a mod_security rule)
  • Yeahhh, about "GDaddy" - not surprising at all.

    thanks ntozier, I will give that a try and report back here with the outcome.
  • edited February 28
    I called GoDaddy and here's what we found:

    The subject line "New Ticket Alert" was being blocked by their mail filter - I guess some spammers are using this, or the system is just really aggressive (and GoDaddy blocks external SMTP, which is why I didn't use Google)

    Anyways, we changed the subject line in the "New Ticket Alert" section of the default template to "New Ticket Request" and that solved the problem.

    Thanks ntozier - it helps when calling support to let them know we did our due diligence before we called them.
  • You're very welcome. :)
    I'm glad that you got the issue resolved.
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