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Average MySQL database size

Currious to know what is the average size of your OSticket MySQL database? We are going to be installing OSticket and most of our tickets will have attachments with pictures of the issue being submitted. Should I be concerned about this?


  • I'm sure everyone will vary greatly however in 3 months I have ~850 attachments totalling 165MB.

    Even if I was round that up to 1GB a year I'm not in any way worried. 

    Just to be on the safe side however and perhaps for performance reasons also I enabled the "attachments on filesystem"/"Storage-FS" plugin:

    Additionally I configured however not yet enabled an archiving plugin from here:

    Finally if you have many attachments I would highly recommend this attachment preview plugin:

    It is a fantastic feature.

  • The two production (live) sites that I administrate are:

    Production 1: over 11000 tickets and 8684 attachments (stored in db) the export of the DB as of mid last month is 647MB.

    Production 2: over 2500 tickets no idea on attachments (stored in db) the export of the DB as of mid last month is 15.4MB
  • My production is running from 07/2014
    till now over 9500 tickets space used: 483.50 MiB and attachment: 726.65 MiB
  • Ten months
    1500 tickets
    75 MB MySQL dump
    253M attachments

  • 20 days live, 3000 tickets, 1.1GB db, 935MB are files
  • Over 2 years more than 30gb database... works great :)
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