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Missing command in Admin Panel

I have install RC4 and it works for the most part but I have a few problems.

1. I cannot access Departments, Groups, Email Templates and probably a few other things from the Admin Panel. All that is shown below the tabs is Preferences, Attachments and API.

2. If I open the main page for users (/index.php) none of the commands there work and there is no way for the user to create a new ticket without first providing an email address and ticket ID.

Any ideas?



  • 1) What is exactly going wrong? Are you getting an error when you click on a tab (let's say the Departments tab)? Because what you are describing (Preferences, Attachments and API) is from the Settings tab. Pressing one of the other tabs gives more info (kinda the whole idea of tabs...)

    2) Again, here as well. What is going wrong, any errors? Can you try to manually go to /open.php instead of /index.php and see if that works.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    1. No errors, just no Settings tab at all. When I open scp/admin.php I have tabs for Tickets, Knowledge Base, Directory and My Account. Tickets appears to work, Knowledge Base allows me to add new canned responses, Directory allows me to see users, but not add/remove and My Account has sections for My Profile, Preferences and Change Password.

    2. If I open open.php or index.php I get the same thing. That is a screen that says Authentication Required and prompts for E-Mail and Ticket ID. If I enter a valid email and ticket id then I can get in, but otherwise can't do anything. Clicking on Home, New Ticket or Ticket Status at the top results in exactly the same thing. The URL in the browser changes to what it should be.
  • 1) Are you sure you are logged in as an administrator and not as a normal user?

    2) Can you give me your URL? I want to see what happens when I view the page.
  • 1. Using the login created during install. I cannot create any others. I do have a link at the top to Admin Panel.

    2. Sent in a private message.

  • I am still having this problem. Anyone suggestions? TIA
  • What's your PHP version and MySQL version? Also what host are you using?
    please try in firefox, as IE6 has known issues, and I am not sure with IE7 or IE8beta
  • Thanks, but exactly the same in Firefox (1.0.4)
  • Using MySQL 5.0.45. PHP 4.3.10 on
  • Just a note to say thanks for everyone's help and let you know I found the problem in case anyone else runs into it. I was using php-cgi-wrap and that caused the SCRIPT_NAME server variable to always be the same.
  • How

    Sorry am very new to the server side and code of web and server applications. How do i go about this?
  • From what I can tell, you need to turn php-cgiwrap off and it may fix this problem.
  • same problem

    I Have the same problem and have phpsuexec enabled on the there another way around this issue?
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